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Default Thanks guys


Yea 3am post, I ment the glow plug relay.

The issue with the wipers was strange. I'm not kidding, I drove the truck for 3 days "250mi" and the only time it acted up was the second I turned the wipers on. Along with all the other issues to check, I read that some of the aftermarket cps were doing strange thing just like what was happening to me. For 35$ I figured why not.

To your point about the hpo regulator and idm. I have work on diesels, just not computerised ones, and that makes alot of sinse. Something is not letting fuel to the engine.

I also did not mention that the check engine light never comes on.

I used the Superchips 1705 tuner that came with the truck to read the codes and got cps signal intermittent, and the generic code showing that the computer had been programed.

1. Will the programer be einough to do what I need, or do I need a diferent scan tool?
2. If the check engine light never comes on will there be any codes to read?
3. This shows my ignorance, What is the ipc and ipr?

If I crank long einough the rpm's and lube oil pressure come up.

Thanks again, I going to start reading the shop manuel tonight, maby I can make since of some of this.
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