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Default intermittent no start 02 7.3

Hello. I am new to Ford diesels and could sure use some help. I just purchased a 2002 f350 7.3 from my father-n-law. Mechanicly the truck is solid, only has 99k on it, but I have had issues with it not starting some times. When it starts, it runs like a top not a spit spudder or miss. Doesn't die going down the road.

History on the truck: The issue started about a month ago on my FIL would not start some times and would studder while going down the road. He replaced the CPS twice with no change. He took it to the dealership twice. First trip they could not find any problem. Second time they replaced the CPS relay, I think, and reprogramed the PCM. Truck ran fine for about a week and then started acting up again.

This is where I started working on it. I noticed that the truck would die or spudder everytime the wipers were on. After reading on it I checked; wiring harness for breaks - all good, no leaking windshield - fuse box and all relays under dash showed no sign of moisture, checked the common ground used by PCM and wiper motor - all good. I finaly replaced the CPS with one from Ford and that seemed to fix the problem.

100 miles later it just won't start sometimes, I'm clueless!! I did replace both batteries 2 days ago, and the alternator is charging at 13.6v. The starter will roll the motor it just won't fire off.

Sorry for the long post, any help would be great.
Thanks FB
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